Mullett Marketing is a recent startup located in Fort Collins, Colorado. Our mission is to provide impactful marketing services at a reasonable cost. 

Our clients include international B2B tech companies as well as local ecommerce startups. Whether your business is local or national, B2B or B2C, Mullett Marketing has helped small businesses improve their online prominence.


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I decided to hire experienced freelance marketers instead. The difference was immediately apparent. I started MM as an alternative to traditional marketing agencies. I use a network of freelancers that are skilled, proficient, and reliable. We provide full marketing services including website design, search engine optimization, online advertising, email marketing, social media management, and much more. 

Jon Mullett, Founder

Mullett Marketing

Small Business Marketing Services

For many, there is uncertainty about what digital marketing entails. Large marketing agencies will dazzle with talk of search engine optimization, click through rates, sales funnels, and KPIs. But what they do is a bit of a mystery. 

My experience working with marketing agencies goes back two decades as a manager for small business marketing programs. I began to take exception to agencies whose promises fell flat. Agencies that claim to focus on small business yet neglect them in favor of larger clients. Eventually I stopped paying their outrageous prices for mysterious deliverables.

Skip the shtick. 

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