There is no shortage of ways to advertise your business on the internet. Online ad channels include Google search, Google shopping, social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.), retargeting, and an abundance of media and resource websites. Contact us and we'll help improve your search findability with search ads, by Phone, Email, or Contact Us.


SEM (search engine marketing) refers to online advertising. It includes things like pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, retargeting ads, banner ads, and other forms of internet advertisements.    


Paid advertising is often used in conjunction with organic search engine optimizations (SEO). Both SEO and SEM are most effective when used together to improve website rankings and generate website traffic. 


Paid search ads like PPC are organized around keywords used when people search for your products or services. PPC campaigns are structured to target your specific customers. To be efficient, they should be as targeted as possible to reduce the chance they are shown to audiences that are unlikely to purchase from you. They can also be set up to target customers in specific areas, be it local, state, national, or international. Other filters like age, gender, income, language, industry, and personal interests can also be set.

Our paid online ads and PPC services maximize lead conversions while minimizing unintended or accidental clicks. This saves money while generating the most efficient campaign results. 

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Google Shopping is effective for companies with ecommerce websites (i.e. online stores). Just like Google Search, Google Shopping Ads bypass natural rankings for increased visibility. Another benefit of GS is that they appear at the top of the page right below the search field.

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Retargeting ads target people who've previously visited your website. Visitors who've viewed your site are much more likely to purchase your products/services in the future, but are still browsing options or researching purchasing options. Retargeting keeps your products top-of-mind while they are considering who to buy from. On average, B2B buyers view 13 pieces of content before making a purchasing decision. Conversion rates for retargeting ads are much higher than other types of paid advertising, and are a great part of the overall digital marketing and SEM strategy. We can help your business set up and create retargeting strategies with high impact results.

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