Social media may not be a big part of your personal life but it serves a purpose for you business. Like it or not, social media has the ability to expose your products to a large audience, including users interested in what you sell. Social channels also have detailed demographics of their users which can be used to target exactly who is most likely to buy your products.


LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and others each have different objectives, user demographics, and advantages for business marketing. Social strategies should be developed based on your target audience(s) and the ability to engage with them.  


Social media marketing takes time, resources, and an ongoing commitment. MM can help your business navigate social media and create effective strategies to improve product exposure and generate leads. Contact us to schedule a consultation on social media marketing and how we may help you achieve your goals.

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For B2B companies, LinkedIn provides the most bang for your buck. It's designed specifically for the working world and is ideal for connecting with peers, vendors, contractors, and potential customers. LinkedIn tools can get your products noticed by potential customers and also keep track of your competitors. It's also great for keeping up with news and advancements in your industry and niche that may affect your business.  

  • Network with industry peers

  • Lead identification

  • Find decision makers to target

  • Improves SEO  

  • Backlinks to your website

  • Gain market and competitive intelligence

  • Monitor industry trends

  • Improves brand recognition and product awareness

  • Drives traffic to your website

  • Form or join groups relevant to your industry



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Website blogs provide fresh content that can be posted to both your website and social media channels. Blogs benefit your website SEO and social media helps expose blog content to a larger audience. Blogs that are well received and forwarded or reposted significantly help with growing both website traffic and your social media followers.  

Blog topics should be researched and content carefully crafted. They should be informative to your target audiences and not sales pitches. Blogs help with brand recognition and company recognition and are an indirect source of sales leads. Social media channels can help promote blogs and increase the number of people the reach.  

Benefits of blogs include:

  •  links social media traffic to your website 

  • fresh online content (helps SEO rankings)

  • helps brand recognition 

  • generates new leads   

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