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Advertising Naysayers

A couple of years ago a former co-worker told me he's never bought anything because of advertising. After some subsequent questions I realized he meant exactly what he said, advertising has never influenced a purchase he's ever made.

Are you serious? This is virtually impossible, I said. You may not knowingly realize it, but advertising has affected your consumerism in one way or another. Even if you don't buy something immediately after seeing an ad.

I wasn't asking for much. Just acknowledgement that ads have some influence on some level at some point in his life, whether it be consciously or subconsciously. I explained branding and the emotional (and involuntary) effect ads have on purchasing decisions.

Nope. Not on me, he said. He wasn't convinced. He was immune to advertising. I might as well be discussing science with a flat-earther.

His logic (or lack thereof) stuck with me all this time, so I sat down to address it, even if only for myself. I decided a comic illustration would be appropriate, since I found his logic comical.

Jon Mullett, Freelance Digital Marketing

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