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Early Marketing Days with the Colorado Lottery, B2C

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

I couldn't have asked for a better gig than the Colorado Lottery as a young marketer. Over my 8 years with the Lottery I worked with many bright and passionate marketers. My responsibilities while at the Lottery included public affairs, media relations, special events and promotions, drawing management, and product management for the Scratch ticket line.

There are few State agencies that have a marketing department, especially one the size of that of the Lottery. It's also one of the few State agencies that makes money without the support of taxpayer dollars. They operate much like a private business, only with extensive government oversight to ensure fairness.

Proceeds generated from lotteries differ. In Colorado, funds are primarily used for parks, recreation, wildlife, and open space programs. About a third of every dollar spent on lottery tickets is returned back to the state to support these programs.

Here are a few images I dug up from my time with the Colorado Lottery.

Powerball the Game Show Host Bob Eubanks and Colorado Lottery contestant

Powerball the Game Show host Bob Eubanks with a contestant.

As drawing manager, I conducted the random drawings that determined Colorado's representatives on Powerball the Game Show. Part of my job was to accompany contestants to the game show tapings in Burbank, California. Shows were produced in advance over a 2-3 day period.


Promotional second chance drawing at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival

The ceremony to announce winners of a the Colorado Lottery Charity Drawing. CBS4 News Meteorologist Dave Aguilera announces winners and presents oversized checks to the winners. The drawing was held at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival in Denver.


Jon Mullett at the Colorado Lottery presents 1.6 million dollar check to lotto winners

That's me presenting a check for $1.6 million to a couple who won Lotto's top prize.


Marketing promotion largest scratch ticket Colorado Lottery

Scratch ticket billboard promotion. Contestants were chosen in a random drawing for the opportunity to Scratch an area on a giant billboard in Denver, CO. They were hoisted up to the billboard to scratch and reveal the prize they won.


Marketing special events and promotions

One of the chessier promotions from the Colorado Lottery (haha). Lottery and Peter Webb Public Relations staff are pictured with the cheese carving winners. I'm pictured 4th from the right.


Colorado Lottery Drawing Machine Mullett Marketing

The Colorado Lottery drawing machine. Drawings were held Wednesdays and Saturdays live from the CBS4 news studio in Denver, Colorado. Six balls were selected from a field of 42, and jackpots awarded for matching all 6 numbers. The drawing took 30 seconds, but included extensive procedural and security to ensure fairness.


Lotto Drawing Hosts Murphy Houston and Dave Aguilera

Colorado Lotto drawing hosts Murphy Houston and Dave Aguilera are pictured with the drawing Citizen Witness. Each drawing required a member of the public to serve as a "citizen witness" to the event.


Lucky Dog Scratch ticket product flyer colorado lottery marketing

A flyer for the Lucky Dog scratch ticket. The game was promoted through a partnership with a pet store chain. Colorado dog owners entered a contest and 8 were chosen to be featured on the game tickets.

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