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Marketing Materials

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

Marketing materials from a switch manufacturing company in Windsor, Colorado.

Product samples are a great marketing incentive for lead generation. They are given to product designers and engineers for new product prototyping. Incentives increase lead response and conversions.

Photos below include the sample box, a promotional item, an operator's manual, engineering design guide, and product catalog.

Marketing sample box for B2B marketing
Electronics components sample kit for design engineers

Free product sample kit targeting engineer designers in the electronics industry. Products shown ore momentary switches used on printed circuit boards. This kit was given to qualified leads for free as an incentive to opt-in on a company website.

Fidget spinner corporate promotional item

Fidget spinner incorporating products on the three spinner axles. Tactile click domes placed on each axle doubles the fidgeting. Spin or click. Promotional item given away in a B2B marketing campaign for digital marketing and lead generation.

Sample card marketing flyer

A product sample card with tactile dome switches attached. A creative way to market products in direct mailing campaigns.

User manual for electronics placement device

Equipment Operator's Manual for a placement device in the switch electronics industry. This technology innovation provided added value to help with the same of core products, and provided a competitive advantage for the manufacturer.

Marketing flyers b2b marketing
Marketing catalog b2b company

Marketing flyers, new product releases, and catalog for product marketing of switch technologies in the electronics industry. Offered clients and prospective customers detailed information about the products and how to design products using them. These materials helped take the pain out of learning about this technology by clearly explaining the part numbers and how to use them in different scenarios (PCBs, flex circuits, membrane switch applications, etc.)

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